Don’t Eat the Free Pasta

Adam and I left Toronto yesterday with Adam’s dad Jeremy (or Mr. Hanna) and uncle Mike. The four of us are off to Nova Scotia and PEI. This will be a nice preliminary Canadian road trip before we bugger off next year.

Our first stop was Montreal, Quebec. Mr. Hanna’s brother Dave was kind enough to let us crash at his place for a night in NDG (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce). 

We stopped by at a pub when we first arrived in Montreal. After we got our drinks, the waiter brought out small bowls of pasta and said “here’s some free range pasta”. Free pasta you say? That’s strange… but we’re in Montreal, so we’ll go with it. Maybe the pub’s having some sort of promotion.

Adam inhaled one bowl after dowsing it in salt and pepper. The pasta was tasteless and just mildly warm. Around this time Dave, who was on his way home from McGill where he professes, finds us on the patio and tells us we’re not supposed to eat the pasta!

I kept waiting for some indication that Dave was joking, as he tends to have a very sarcastic sense of humour which I haven’t figured out yet. Once Dave took off, the waiter came by and took the unfinished bowls of pasta away while I was in the middle of eating it. I guess Dave wasn’t kidding!

As it turns out, in order to serve alcohol on a patio, Montreal pubs are legally required to serve food with the drinks. However the pub goers aren’t supposed to eat the free food, and simply go on drinking their booze, or “le booze” as the French would say. (They wouldn’t say that…)

Feature image: Foodess

4 responses to “Don’t Eat the Free Pasta

  1. Wow! That is very interesting, and good to know! So was the server offended that you ate the free pasta? lol.. I wonder how many travelers have fallen for this unknown trivia.

    • The waiter sorta gave me a dirty look and said “would you guys like to order some food?” Haha! Awkward. I was in mid-bite when he took the bowl away! He was probably surprised that we actually ate the crappy pasta.

  2. I just read this now! When we went to a restaurant in Montreal they required us to order food if we were ordering an achololic beverage… I think it’s a stupid rule… esp when the alcohol was in chocolate pudding! Chocolate pudding is considered food, to me anyway…

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