Cheap Passport Photos in Toronto

If you’re looking for cheap passport photos in downtown Toronto, I highly recommend Rapid Photo in the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (Queen Street West and Bay Street).

Adam and I just got our photos done and it was quick and painless. More importantly, it was $5 (plus tax) for 2 photos with the use of a coupon from their website. We each got 4 sets; 1 set for renewing our Canadian passport, and 3 more sets to be prepared for whatever visas we’ll need. We both brought 4 printouts of the coupon and had no problems.

There’s also a coupon for $8.99 for 2 photos on weekdays. The $5 coupon we used was for Saturdays only. Make sure to call for hours if you’re going on a Saturday. The website advises that you do so, probably because the store is located in the underground PATH system, and Saturdays are usually pretty quiet down there so they might not always be open.

I think the regular price for 2 photos is $10, which is still pretty cheap considering the prices below.

  • Blacks: $25
  • Moto Photo: $15
  • Shoppers: $11
  • Europe Bound: $8
  • Convenience store right outside of the 74 Victoria Street passport office: $13

I tried to check how much Walmart charges, but whoever was working at the time was most unhelpful. Although I doubt they can beat 5 bucks.

The last time I had to get passport photos I went to Blacks just because I didn’t bother to comparison shop. I’m quite happy that I got 8 photos for $20 this time, instead of 2 photos for $25.

Let us know if you know of any good or better deals in the area!

2 responses to “Cheap Passport Photos in Toronto

  1. Went to Walmart for Chinese Visa photos this summer. Think it was $7 for 2 photos, so nope, can’t beat $5!! =)

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