Addison Scott Hanna – Just Born!!!

Baby Addison!

Baby Addison (with Loxley & Dexter)

Hopefully you will all agree that having a baby is a good excuse for not being active on our blog for, um, let’s see… since we got married in 2013?

Holy crap it’s been a while, and if there’s one [extremely cliché] thing I can say now that our boy Addison is 2 months old, time flies!

Cliché as that is, we really found that out the hard way when our year long RTW trip was over in a heartbeat, and since then the steady tick of time has been anything but that: it’s accelerating!

Since getting back from our trip in late 2013, Julie and I got married, got jobs (Julie before me haha), moved to a new house, and had a baby.


We did get a nice road trip to Montreal and Boston, but that post has yet to make it past the ‘draft’ phase…

For anyone thinking about doing a RTW trip, let me tell you (again?) that life will indeed go on when you get back and it is the best possible thing you can do with your life.


No, that distinction now goes to parenthood (to which we are still adjusting, but jeebus every time we look at the little guy our heart melts).

However, being a parent likely wouldn’t be as sweet now if we hadn’t taken that trip, and even though it will probably be a few years before we can do anything remotely like it again (we met a bunch of parents travelling with their kids, some of whom were quite young, and they had nothing but good things to say), the memories we made stick with us to this day.

For all you non-parents whose friends are all “dropping like flies and moving to the ‘burbs to pop out a baby”, we apologize if we’ve ruined our blog for you with all this sickening chatter about parenthood, but in all honesty, we really wouldn’t have done it any other way, and can’t wait to travel with this little guy.

And the cats.

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