Adam and Julie are two ‘not-very interesting people’ who live in Toronto, Canada. They go to work everyday, come home to each other and their cats. They eat, sleep and clean themselves like everybody else. They do not exercise despite much advice to do so, seeing as how they may occasionally have a bag of chips for dinner.

In May 2012, they decided to leave everything behind and travel the world for one year, or until their money runs out, whichever comes first. They left their jobs, leased out their condo, left their cats with Adam’s parents, and flew off in December 2012!

This blog is an account of all their experiences before, during, and after their trip away from home.



  • Profession: Engineering
  • Destination most excited about: Thailand
  • Motivation: Figure out what his place in the world is
  • Goals: Come back a better person
  • Fears: Zombies; missing out on the Jays winning the Pennant the year I decide to go RTW; not being able to find good coffee


  • IMG_2239 copyProfession: Chartered Accountant
  • Destination most excited about: Japan
  • Motivation: To see what else is out there
  • Goals: Push her limits; get out of her comfort zone; learn to let go
  • Fears: Spending the funds too fast; being a high maintenance city slicker; Adam becoming a zombie

2 responses to “About

    • Hi Laura 🙂

      Although it does almost seem like a year already, I’d better clarify: May 2012 was when we mentally decided to quit our jobs and start planning this trip.

      We didn’t actually leave until December 31st (Julie quit in August, and spent the next few months planning, while I kept working until just after Christmas) so technically we are only in month 5 of our trip :$

      Sorry for the confusion!

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