Hiring a Car in New Zealand

New Zealand will be our first foray into driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road.

As a creature of habit who’s been driving on the ‘right’ (pun intended) side of the road for 14 years, and if you believe my mom’s words of wisdom that “it takes twice as long to break a habit than it does to make a habit”, I feel sorry for the Kiwis on the roads when I show up.

I hope the pedals are in the correct order…

I’ve been comparing the main auto rental companies with some of the smaller localized ones, and I have to say, so far Apex has my vote.

We haven’t actually reserved a car yet, but we are getting close.

One thing I’ve noticed is that some of the cars which are more expensive per day are much more fuel efficient, and considering we are going to be putting over 3000km on the chosen beast, the fuel savings actually outweigh the daily rental cost by a significant amount.

Well, that’s cool! I just figured out how to put spreadsheets into the blog!

Point Adam.

Speaking of points, I think it’s now time to start keeping a running score for the age old game of

“Adam vs. Evil Computinator”

So, starting now:

Adam: 1 vs. Computinator: 0

Maybe I’ll put the scores into a spreadsheet on a separate tab sometime…

In the meantime, I’ve just been tipped off to http://www.spaceshipsrentals.co.nz/ (thanks Chris @ BootsnAll) and now I have to add this to the mix so we can determine whether we should rent a car and stay in hostels or rent a campervan and camp.

We aren’t bringing camping gear because we really do not have very much space in our luggage (~40L pack each), and we will still need to rent campsites, so until we crunch the numbers, there is no clear verdict.

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