Journal Entry: RTW Day 3 – Taupo to Wellington

Short of hanging out at McDonalds, free wifi is harder to come by than we thought it would be, and even then, the McDees is super slow.

Our hostel apparently allows 1 hour of free internet access, but you have to use THEIR computers and only in 20 minute chunks…

Needless to say, that’s not the most convenient way for us to get our pictures online and spend quality time bloggggging.

After eating some more NZ famous pies for brekky (saving money ftw!!!) we took a drive back out of town to a scenic lookout we’d noticed the day before.


Julie needed to get some more driving experience here, so of course the nice open road between Taupo and Wellington would be a great opportunity for her to do so…

Not smuch.

The roads were quite narrow, and there were a number of switchbacks and other dangerous curves that made it difficult for me to be a passenger, and I won’t say I was a model one at that.

The drive was very beautiful (with the twin peaks of Mordor looming ever closer), and we kept stopping at various shoulders to take pictures of sheep and not-so-successful pit stops



We hit a ton of traffic rolling into Otaki and hence were driving slowly enough to notice the (drumroll please) ICEBREAKER OUTLET STORE!

Although Julie had dropped a fair bit of change at Bivouac in Auckland, this was an even better opportunity to stock up at up to 50%-70% off retail prices.

The selection of women’s items was very good, and she was able to find a number of sweaters (matching ftw!!!), socks and underwear for very good prices.

Unfortunately, the mens selection was limited to XXL sizes and styles that were of no use to me so I forewent buying anything.

After a brief stop at the beautiful Waikanae beach


we drove the rest of the way into Wellington which has a very beautiful skyline approaching from the North on #1.

We drove around a bit and found our hostel where we were upgraded to a private room (!!!!! WIN !!!!!!!!) ate a snack (pies!) and went to walk around the harbourfront


where we found more dangerous things (sweet!) such as diving boards right off the sidewalk into the harbour… free wifi by the Te Apo museum, and a pub where we whet our whistle and learned that we know nothing about cricket.


I finally got ahold of my childhood friend (Joe Crawford) who lives in Wellington, and made plans to meet tomorrow afternoon.

We were very tired so we passed right out in our sweet private room overlooking the city.


2 responses to “Journal Entry: RTW Day 3 – Taupo to Wellington

  1. Wow, great log entries and pictures. Nice to hear and see all the info.
    Question…What is with the pies? What kind of pies?

    • Meat pies! A NZ specialty. Think standard meat pie that you would buy frozen in a box with a tin pie plate, but in this case it is pre cooked, in a cellophane/plastic wrapper that you can find heated ready to eat in every single convenience store, gas station, or supermarket in the entire country… Of course you can get refrigerated 6-packs from the supermarket too which are just as awesome but you need to find a microwave.

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